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Youth Baseball DrilsBelow we’ve compiled a list of some of the very best youth baseball drills from around the web that will help young players to develop some of the crucial skills involved in playing baseball outside of an actual game environment. These drills will help young players improve on skills such as hitting, throwing and pitching are designed to make baseball practice a fun and exciting activity.

When performing these drills with young players always make sure that all players understand the rules of the drill beforehand. A great way to do this is with a short demonstration before each drill!

The Batting Tee

Whilst hitting off of a batting tee might not seem as exciting to young players as live pitching like they see the major league players do on television it’s an extremely useful way to teach players to keep their eyes on the ball and helps to develop a level swing.

To perform this drill get each player to perform several swings off of a tee until their technique is correct. This will prepare them extremely well for live pitching.

The Pitching Drill

This is one of the most useful youth baseball pitching drills out there. Start the drill by having all players’ line up at the back of the mound and then get the first player to go to the pitching rubber to try to throw a strike. If they are successful they then go to the back of the line but if they miss they must move to the side where they are on the hot seat whilst the next player moves up and throws.

If that player successfully throws a strike then the first player is out of the game. However if that player throws a ball the first player remains in the game and must return to the line whilst the second player replaces them on the hot seat.

Continue repeating this process until there is just one player left who is then declared the winner of the game.

Five Hundred

Five hundred is a simple and fun youth baseball drill that’s designed to help young players to learn to catch the ball. Catching is one of the most important skills of all in baseball so it’s important to spend a fair bit of time working on it.

The drill starts with all players in position on the field. The coach must then throw the ball and the players on the field must try to catch it. Then based on how the ball is caught players will get points. If a player manages to catch the ball without it hitting the ground they earn one hundred points. If the ball bounces once before it is caught they earn fifty points. For a grounder they get twenty five points and if the catch is missed altogether they don’t get any points.

Continue throwing out balls until one player reaches five hundred points in total. This player is then declared the winner of the game!

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