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Little League Baseball DrillsLittle league baseball is a great way for youngsters to have a tonne of fun whilst exercising and getting fit and strong.

It’s also a fantastic way for young players to pick up many of the skills involved in the game at an early age so that when they are older they can become truly great baseball players.

And one of the best ways for little league players to pick up these skills is by practising baseball drills regularly.

So on this page we’ve created a collection of excellent little league baseball drills that will help young players to learn all of the skills involved in the game of baseball in no time.

Five Hundred

Five hundred is a fun baseball drill that also helps players with their fielding skills. Little league players tend to love this game too because it gives them the opportunity to practice their batting skills.

To perform this drill players should spread out across the field with one player becoming the batter. The coach should then pitch a ball to the batter and the batter should then try to hit the ball.

Then the players that are positioned as fielders must try to accurately field the ball and if a player successfully catches the ball before it hits the ground they gain 100 points. If they manage to field it after one bounce they score 50 points. And if they field any other grounder they score 25 points.

The first player to reach 500 points then gets to become the batter.

Relay Running

Relay running is another great little league baseball drill that allows young players to practice running from base to base whilst also working on their ball handling skills at the same time.

To perform the drill players should be split into two groups. The first group should line up at the home plate and the second group should line up at second base. A ball should also be given to the first player from each of the lines.

Then on the coaches signal the first player from each of the lines must run around all of the bases and when they return back to their original base they must give the ball to the next player in line who then proceeds to also run around all of the bases.

This process then continues on until all of the players from one of the teams has run around all of the bases and that team is then declared the winning team.

Target Drill

This is a fantastic drill for helping players to develop control in their bunting.

To set up for the drill you’ll need three different colored hula hoops. Place one in the first base line, one right in front of the plate and one in the third base line.

Then the coach must pitch to players at the home plate whilst calling out a color and the players must then proceed to bunt the ball into the hula hoop that matches the color that was called.

To up the ante players can be given points for each successful bunt and at the end of the drill the player with the most points can then be declared the winner.

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