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It’s an unfortunate fact of life that sometimes the weather simply makes practicing in outdoor arenas unsuitable and indoor arenas can be costly to rent out. To continue practicing though smaller spaces such as a gym can be used to practice baseball drills and below you’ll find a great selection of drills that are perfect for indoor play.

Squares Shots

Indoor Baseball DrillsHere’s a great indoor baseball drill that can be performed in smaller indoor spaces that’s designed to help with a player’s hitting accuracy.

To set up for the drill use tape to create two squares on the wall with the first square measuring around 20 x 20 inches in size and the second square measuring 4 x 4 inches in size which is placed inside of the larger square.

Next the players must be split into two teams that both form a line. The ball is given to the first player in each line and they throw the ball at the squares on the wall. If they hit inside the larger square they get 5 points and if they inside the smaller square they get ten.

Once a player has thrown they then move to the back of their teams’ line and the next player throws. The winning team is the first one to reach a total of 300 points.

Tee Hitting

This simple drill will help to improve the hitting accuracy of players.

It’s requires a tee and two balls and is performed by simply having players hit the ball off of the tee numerous times. The more times that a player repeats this process the more level their swing will become.

Toss ‘n’ Go

Here’s a simple fielding drill that will improve both reflexes and catching skills and can easily be performed indoors.

The drill involves two players and begins with a player tossing the ball towards the feeder. Straight after tossing the ball that player must then run along a line for an over-the-shoulder catch as the feeder throws the ball back to them.

Then repeat the drill with the player running and catching in the opposite direction. Repeat this drill several times and then switch the positions of the players.


Here’s another great indoor baseball drill that helps to improve fielding skills.

To perform this drill pair up players and have each player stand around fifteen feet away from their partner. Next have players shoot grounders to each other. In the beginners players should shoot the grounders directly to their partner and after several rounds of the drill the grounders should be shot sideways to their partners to make it a bit trickier.

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