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Baseball Throwing DrillsThrowing a baseball properly is one of the most basic and important skills that all baseball players must learn. In fact it’s probably one of the first skills that all baseball players should learn and once a baseball player has become fluent with their throwing technique it allows them to improve in other areas of the game and also protects them from injuring their arm due to improper throwing technique.

And to help players out with their throwing ability there’s a comprehensive list of great baseball throwing drills right below that players can practice to improve their throwing skills.

Playing Catch

It might seem obvious but simply playing catch is one of the best ways for players to improve upon their throwing skills.

To do this simply divide players up into pairs of two and then have them stand a few yards apart from each other.

Then simply have one partner throw the ball focusing on using proper technique to their partner and then have the partner throw this back and then just repeat the process.

Arm Circles

This baseball throwing drill is designed to increase players’ flexibility, strength, stamina and balance in their rotator cuff muscles.

It’s performed by simply having players stick their arms out horizontally and then moving their arms in a small circular motion forwards whilst counting to ten.

Then players should take a short break and then do the small but in reverse motion for another count of ten.

Continue repeating this drill until players are becoming tired.

The Long Toss

This drill is similar to playing catch but is designed to help with players ability to throw the ball for long distances.

Start by having players pair off and then stand about 60 feet away from each other. Then on the coaches go players must throw the ball to each other. Whenever the players successfully catch and throw the ball three times without it hitting the ground both players must then move back a further five feet and repeat the process.

If the ball hits the ground at any point then players must go back to their previous spot and and at the end of the drill the pair with the furthers distance wins the drill.

Stepping & Throwing

This throwing drill will help players to get used to quickly getting into the right position to throw the ball right after they have received it. For many players their instinct is to simply throw the ball as soon as they can without thinking about proper footwork and aiming first but this drill will help to change that.

To perform the drill three players must stand in the shape of a triangle with one player at each corner of the triangle and around 50 feet of distance between each player.

The first player must then throw the ball to the player to their right and then that player must then turn their body and step towards the player to their right so that they can throw the ball directly to the next player.

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