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Baseball is a great sport for kids and an excellent way for children to stay fit and active whilst having a whole lot of fun at the same time. Below you’ll find some carefully picked baseball drills for kids that want to learn and improve on the various skills that are involved in baseball.

Catching is an important skill that any kid that wants to play baseball must learn and this simple drill will help kids to build up their confidence in their ability to catch a baseball.

Baseball Drills for KidsCatching Drill For Kids

The drill starts with all of the kids lined up and the coach standing around five yards away from and facing the first kid. The coach then either tosses the ball to the player underhanded and either above the waist or below the waist. Once the player has successfully fielded both balls that player moves to the back of the line and it’s the next players turn.

Repeat the drill over until all of the kids in the line have had multiple turns and if the kids are really young you can substitute the baseball for a tennis ball.

Throwing Drill For Kids

This baseball drill is designed to teach kids proper footwork and arm techniques to help them to throw more effectively.

To perform the drill first the players should be divided into pairs and lined up around twenty five yards apart from each other with one ball given to each group. Next the coach yells out “step” and the players with the ball must move towards their partners using their throwing-arm-side foot.

The coach then yells “separate” and the and the kids with ball must then turn their body and move their arms apart so that their glove is pointed towards their partner and their throwing arm is pointing away from their partner.

Then the coach yells “step and throw” and the players with the ball then step towards their partner with their glove-side foot and finally throw the ball.

This drill should be repeated several times over until each player has thrown the ball a couple dozen times.

Fielding Drill for Kids

Here’s a great baseball drill for kids that need to work on their fielding technique and also helps to work on throwing accuracy.

To perform this drill a player is placed at each of the infield positions and then a bucket is placed next to third base in foul territory. Next the coach hits ground balls to the third baseman, the third baseman then throws the ball to the first baseman, the first baseman then throws the ball to the catcher and finally the catcher throws the ball back to third base.

Whenever the players successfully throw the ball right around without anybody dropping the ball at any stage the third baseman then drops the ball into the bucket.

Repeat the drill until there is a solid amount of balls in the bucket and be sure to rotate the positions each time.

Tee Hitting Drill For Kids

One of the best baseball hitting drills for kids that aren’t ready to perform live pitches is to simply have them hit off of a tee to practice. This will help them to develop a level swing and teaches them to keep their eyes on the ball.

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